The family of Miranda Jane Hearne.

This is information as I have it now. Sources have been William T. Hearne book, A Somerset Sampler, sites I have found on the net and libraries, later years are from census and courthouse records. Not all is documented by me.

William b. 1627, d. Oct 1691 Somerset Co. MD married Sept 2 1683 England to Mary Cuthbert
1. William b. Sept 24 1688 Somerset Co. MD, d. Jan 1 1756 married Elizabeth Williams
2. Thomas b. May 31 1691 Somerset Co. MD, d. March 1 1762 Somerset Co. MD. married Sarah Newbold b. Nov 1 1691

The children of Thomas and Sarah.
1. George b. 1715 Somerset Co. MD married Sarah Tomlinson.
2. Ebenezer b. May 6 1717 Somerset Co. MD, d. April 1785 married Priscilla Fooks
3. Thomas b. 1720 Somerset Co. MD, d. 1800 Montgomery Co. NC married Nancy Wilson
4. Elizabeth married Isaac Moore
5. John d. 1765
6. Nehemiah d. March 1760 married Elizabeth Day Calloway
7. Jemima married Joseph Hitch
8. Mary married Joshua Morgan
9. Esther married Benjamin Vincent
10. Sarah married Francis Disharoon
11. Anne
12. William b. before 1727 Somerset Co. MD, d. 1754 married Susana
(see notes at end)

Children of William and Susana
1. James b. Nov 12 1749 Somerset Co. MD, d. Oct 18 1823 Hamilton Co. OH, on May 9 1792 in Rowan Co. NC he married his 2nd wife Elizabeth Miller
2. Purnall
(see notes)

Children of James and Elizabeth
(see notes)
1. Joshua
2. Moses
3. Jesse b. 1783, d. 1854 married Nancy Kyle
4. Beverly Allen, b. 1790, d.1862 Bartholomew Co., IN. married 1st June 21 1810 Hamilton Co. OH to Pennine Joiner, married 2nd on June 2 1831 Bartholomew Co. IN to Sarah Tooley b. 1811
5. James H. b. Aug 5 1793 NC, d. Mar 11 1861 OH, married Martha Ann Stewart
6. Stephen b. 1804, married Rachel Polk
7. Isaac
8. Elizabeth b. August 22 1785 NC, d. August 29 1859 OH, married Edward Stoughton
9. Sanrina married a Scudder
10. Nancy married Fred Miller
11. Nettie married Samuel Stoughton April 5 1818 Hamilton Co. OH

Children of Beverly and Pennine:
1. Moses married 1st Bethany Turner-June 15 1833 Bartholomew Co. IN, 2nd Sarah Mikels-November 10 1841 Bartholomew Co. IN, 3rd Nancy Ann Cay-April 1 1854 Fulton Co. IN
2. John married July 25 1841 Bartholomew Co. IN to Elizabeth Coffrey
3. Elzy married April 19 1849 Bartholomew Co. IN to Isaac Glick
Children of Moses and Bethany
1. Caroline b. 1835
2. Jesse b. 1837
3. Beverly Allen b. 1838 Bartholomew Co. IN married 1st Mary Jane VanDusin-July 25 1860 Jennings Co. IN, 2nd Emily Jane Mowry-April 12 1864, 3rd Rachel Jane Hockersmith- May 3 1872 Jennings Co. IN
Children of Moses and Sarah
1. Elsy A. b. 1841
2. Sarah J. b. 1846
3. William b. 1848
Children of Moses and Nancy Ann
1. Amanda M. b. 1857
2. Louisa A. b. 1858
3. Elizabeth E. b. 1862

Children of Beverly and Rachel Jane
1. Amanda Alice
2. Sarah Melvina
3. Miranda Jane b. Jan 8 1877 Jennings Co. IN, d. May 14 1951 Indianapolis IN on Aug 28 1892 Jennings Co. IN she married Laborn Franklin Keller b. May 21 1872 Bartholomew Co. IN, d. June 26 1942 Rector AR
4. Lydia Catherine
5. Ina Elizabeth
6. Charles Allen b. June 10 1886 Jennings Co. IN, d. Feb 4 1952 Bartholomew Co. IN on Dec 10 1907 Bartholomew Co. IN he married Sylvia Bias

Notes for William and Susana: According to the William T. Hearne book James was the son of Purnall who was the son of George and this is all I had been able to find from any source. I didn't agree with this because of dates and the fact that George's will did not include Purnall. William's will submitted 5 Feb 1755 "James and Purnall, children to inherit the Ball", in April court 1755, George Hearn was appointed guardian to Purnall and Ebenezer Hearn was appointed guardian to James, both of whom were under the age of fourteen.
In the will of William's father Thomas " I give and bequeath to James Hearne the son of William Hearne 150 acres of land taken out of a tract of land called Stains"

Notes for James and Elizabeth: I have not found a 1st wife for James and birth dates for all children so I have included them all with Elizabeth. They are in the order that I found them listed on James' will.

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