The family of George W. Ealey:

George Washington Ealey b. September 9 1796 VA, d. October 2 1853 Clay Co. IN married March 26 1816 in Greene Co. TN to Eve E. Coble b. July 2 1794 NC, d. September 26 1875 Clay Co. IN
John b.1817
Mary M. b.1819
Philip b.1821
Nicholas b.1824
William b.1826
Alfred b.1828
Barbret b.1830
Sarah A. b.1834
Calvin Martin b.1836 Clay Co. IN d. December 1917 Coles Co. IL married 1st March 22 1855 in Clay Co. IN to Charlotte Woolf b. December 12 1837 Fayette Co. IN d. December 15 1912 Clay Co. IN, married 2nd July 30 1857 Putnam Co. IN to Minerva Grafton b. 1832 d. August 31 1900 Coles Co. IL
George b.1838
Elizabeth b.1841

Calvin Martin and Charlotte
Calvin E. b. March 22 1856 Clay Co. IN d. January 7 1937 Vigo Co. IN married July 4 1880 in Clay Co. IN to Mary Josephine Hornbeck b. March 26 1865 in Spencer Co. IN d. February 1 1938 Vigo Co. IN

Calvin Martin and Minerva
Albert C.
Elizabeth b. 1849
George W. b. 1858
James A. b. 1860

Calvin E. and Mary
Levi b.March 21 1881
Margaret b.May 1888
William Henry b.July 27 1891 Clay Co. IN d. January 7 1951 Vigo Co. IN married Nella Mae Manees b.September 10 1899 Williamson Co. IL d. 1938 Williamson Co. IL
Elmer b.August 6 1897

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