The Family Of Clarence Devine

Thomas Divine married Elizabeth Scantling abt 1866, probably in KY. Their children were:
Joseph b. 1870
J. Nancy, b. 1873
W. Samuel b. Sept. 1877
Mary b. June 1879
George b. March 1881
James L. b. June 1867

James married Mary Elizabeth Treadway November 22, 1892 in Davies Co. IN.
Their children were:
Alisha b. December 9 1900
Leo R. b. May 19 1904
Esther b. August 6 1906
Clarence W. b. October 13 1893

Clarence married Ella Matherly (see Matherly page) April 29, 1916 in Lawrenceville, IL. Their children are:
Isabelle b. July 16 1918 (my adoptive mother)
Clarence A. b. April 21 1921
William J. b. August 8 1924
Leo R. b. August 18 1927
Herman E. b. November 10 1930 (my natural father)
Jackie L. b. March 21 1938.

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