Information I have found so far while searching for Laban Williams the father of my Delitha Williams. I have tried to state what I have documented and what I don't. If anyone has any information to add or correct, please feel free to contact me....

I found the marriage for my Sanford Keller to Delitha A. Williams,
November 9 1864 in Scott Co. IN.
From records in Bartholomew Co. IN I found Delitha's last name of WILLIAMS. I started working my way backwards from there and found. 1870 Jefferson Co. Indiana Saluda Twp. page 516 KELLAR Sanford-26-NC Delitha-22-VA James L.-3-IN Andrew-7/12-IN page 517 WILLIAMS Laban-59-NC Mary A.-57-VA William R.-19-IN Henry S.-16-IN Samuel-14-IN Delitha-24-IN * page 514 BRINKER James-24-IN Nancy J.-25-IN Laban-1-IN 1860 Jefferson Co. Indiana Madison Twp. page 786 WILLIAMS Laben-49-NC Mary A.-46-VA Nancy J.-15-IN Delith A.-12-VA William R.-11-IN Henry S.-5-IN Samuel B.-2-IN 1850 Carter Co. Kentucky District 1 page 263 WILLIAMS Laban-39-NC Mary A.-36-VA Borceal-17-TN Laban J.-13-TN Nancy J.-5-IN Telitha A.-2-VA * I traced this Delitha to the family of William WILLIAMS Notice that in all census Nancy was listed as born in IN and Delitha was born VA, it seems that they moved a few times. By 1880 Sanford and Delitha were in Bartholomew Co. Indiana. Here is the last census I found Laben on. 1880 Scott Co. Indiana Lexington Twp. WILLIAMS-68-NC/WALES/VA Margaret-67-NC/NC/NC marked married 1 I found a marriage for a Laben and Margaret McGown April 3 1879 in Bartholomew Co. IN and Laben died there July 1 1887, age 76, Widower death record stated father was Laben Williams,mother's name unknown 1880 Jefferson Co. Indiana Saluda Twp. page 24 BRINKER James-34-IN Nancy-33-IN Laban-11-IN Mary J.-9-IN James-7-IN Rouanna-6-IN Lillie-4-IN Margaret-2-IN

This is all speculation, I haven't been able to prove it as yet. It is
data that I have found that seems to be possibilities:
Since Borceal and Laban J. said born TN on the 1850 census,
I started checking there and found:

1840 Hawkins Co. Tennessee
page 211
Laban Jr.-21001-00001
Lancy-no males-00001 --possibly the name is Nancy?

page 240

page 260
Laban Sr.-2000000001-00001 

Hawkins Co. TN is located at the TN/VA line.

Since VA has been showing up, I checked there and found:

1830 Grayson Co. Virginia

Grayson Co. VA is at the VA/NC line

Ages in these seem to fall in place.
BUT, I don't know if it is the same family yet..

1850 Lawrence Co. Indiana Marion Twp.
page 358
Mahala A.-12-IN
Delitha-4-IN *

1860 Lawrence Co. Indiana Marion Twp.
page 866
Delitha-14-IN *
Mary E.-5-IN

* The Delitha that was with Laban and family on the 1870 census.
Makes me think that possibly Laban and William were related...
Brothers ?
There are quite a few Williams families in Lawrence Co. IN during this
time frame, some of the names are the same as some I found in VA and
NC, there were males named Laban in some of these families.

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