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The family of Rachel Jane Hockersmith

Konrad Hackenscmidt b. c.1720 Europe
1. George b. 1742 MD, D. 1799 Frederick Co.MD
2. Johann Michael b. July 14 1743 Prince Georges Co. MD, d. 1812 Jessamine Co. KY married Maria Margaretha Smith
3. Jacob b. 1745 MD, d. Oct 1818 Frederick Co. MD married Elizabeth Smith
4. Conrad Jr. b. 1746 MD, married Eve

Children of Johann Michael and Maria Margaretha
1. Michael b. 1780 MD, d. 1854 Switzerland Co. IN on Dec 26 1799 in Jessamine Co. KY he married Nancy Holeman
2. Maria Margaretha b. Aug 23 1782 Frederick Co. MD

Children of Michael and Nancy
1. Joseph b. 1811 KY, on June11 1833 in Jefferson Co. IN he married Nancy Hudson
2. Michael H. b. c.1814 KY on March 14 1833 Jefferson Co. IN he married Mary E. Eddleman
3. William P. b. 1819 married Mary

Children of Michael and Mary
1. James F. b. 1834 IN married Margaret Stonecypher Oct 9 1861 Jennings Co. IN
2. Isaac b. 1837 IN
3. Jefferson b. 1838 IN married Sarah Falkenburgh Nov 13 1862 Jennings Co. IN
4. Sarah F. b. 1839 IN married Martin V. Aultman June 26 1873 Jennings Co. IN
5. Charlotte b. 1841 IN married William Renn Jan 16 1865 Jennings Co. IN
6. Michael b. 1845 IN married Florence A. Rhodes
7. Rachel Jane b. July 8 1847 Decatur Co. IN, d. June 8 1919 Anderson, Madison Co. IN married on May 3 1872 Jennings Co. IN to Beverly Allen Hearne. After Beverly died Rachel married Thomas Dewitt Barnes on February 21 1892 Jennings Co. IN
8. Nancy A. b. 1849 IN
9. Joseph b. 1853 IN married Mary C. Lewellen Oct 18 1874 Jennings Co. IN
10. Lydia b. 1856
11. Levi b. 1859

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